Clinical Risk, Negligence & Claims Management In Healthcare

The recent pandemic has brought attention to the need for the treatment of people suffering from mental health and substance abuse that has been so prevalent in our society. These privately owned health care providers that treat individuals to cope with mental health issues are confronted with risks from lawsuits and legal uncertainty.

Our firm provide clients with critical knowledge they need to avoid claims and defend them if they happen. So, the health care providers can continue to provide treatment to those who need it. There are increasing number of claims against healthcare organizations and people who work within them.

  • Managing their practice through a healthcare pandemic: risks, best practices, litigation
  • Our firm has a comprehensive understanding of risk management and patient safety concepts
  • We advise on the link between patient safety, adverse events, properly drafted incident reports, claims and investigations
  • We understand the litigation process: the steps, parties, defense best practices, mitigation strategies, the importance of documentation and tips and tools regarding the preservation of evidence
  • We can help manage the risky nature of mental healthcare and treatment for addiction issues

Our firm understands that while private healthcare providers fill a void in treating people with mental health and offering rehabilitation, they are constantly faced with risks and challenges that cause your organization stress. Our firm can advise you of your legal responsibilities and help to effectively reduce and manage these legal risks.